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Privacy Policy

  When an order is placed with Perfectly Personalised gifts (PPG)   We store your name , address and email address  in our secure database.

· We do not share this information with Any third party company, website or platform.

· This information is only used for E-mail marketing purposes.

· Customers whos information is only stored via an order will/may receive occational offers and/or emails via email only.

· Only customers who sign up to regular newsletters via our website will receive regular (monthly) emails.

· Names and addresses are stored for order reference purposes only.

· No information is used directly from google maps and no tracking information is stored by us.

· No information from social media is stored or used on our system.

· If you like our Social media pages we reserve the right to speak to you via private message with reference to current orders but we will not use this for marketing purposes.

You have the right to ask for this information to be deleted at any time.